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2022/9/14 16:11:57 | Jordee | Customer Reviews

This is my first review of any product I have ever bought and I'm only doing it so that it may help you make the decision to purchase one for you furbaby wondering if it works. My aged dog was losing the ability to walk from possible old age nerve issues, she did not have any xrays done so really not sure what the problem was, but gradually the weakness in her back legs even with chiropractic and acupuncture treatments was progressing to the point where she was not able to walk more than a couple of feet before falling down. Bought this wheelchair, figured that she would now be a special needs dog for the rest of her life, and after a few weeks of use she is now able to walk on her own more and more. We put her in it everyday for about an hour at a time and she gets around very well, we let her rest in between use and also have her walk around on her own for 10 mins at a time. This wheelchair has obviously strengthened her back and legs and we hope that she gets stronger and won't need it in a couple more months, but if she does, not a problem, just happy to have her mobile and I'm sure she is much happier being able to get around with the rest of the clan and not just sitting unable to move all day. The wheelchair is very lightweight, a couple of adjustments may be needed to get the perfect fit.

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