Dog Back Brace IVDD
Dog Back Brace IVDD
Dog Back Brace IVDD
Dog Back Brace IVDD
Dog Back Brace IVDD
Dog Back Brace IVDD
Dog Back Brace IVDD
Dog Back Brace IVDD
Dog Back Brace IVDD
Dog Back Brace IVDD

Dog Back Brace IVDD






❤Back brace can provide comfortable protection to support the spine and relieve IVDD back pain.

❤Back brace can provide comfortable protection to support the spine and relieve IVDD back pain.





Occasions:Although a back brace will not cure Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD) or a disc condition, it can provide comfort and protection to help alleviate your pet's back pain. When a pet is healing a disc rupture, they need a brace that will support the spine and relieve IVDD back pain.

Suitable for:Small /medium /large dogs



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Pros of Dog Back Brace :

Complete comfort for your dog. Back braces are designed to fit your dog naturally.

Special design to support the back from different key points to truly maintain your dog’s spinal column stability. Ideally the supports should support the spine as well as the muscles on either side of the spinal column.

Back braces are often recommended for both prevention and treatment.

Constant adequate pressure to calm the painful effects on the dog’s nervous system.

A secure and easy system to take on and off.

Different sizes and measures to provide the best pressure and care for your dog.

Adequate for your dog to do his/her physical necessities without taking it off.


To put a Back Brace to your dog, it is always good to consult the veterinarian. Fortunately, dog braces are very secure, and they can be used as a preventive method before IVDD presents itself. Moreover, Back Braces offer your dog the ability to be more active and safely move, jump, and enjoy life.



Steps to measure the proper size:

1) Get a tape measure or something else you can use to measure.

2) Measure the outline of the chest and ruff,length of back.

3) Have a look at our size chart and pick the size that fits your measurement.

4) If you are unsure about two sizes, it is always best to pick the bigger one.



Shipping Service


We know how important that you receive your order as soon as possible and for this reason we always do our best to use a shipping method that gets your order to you fast.

Shipping Method:FedEx,EMS,DHL,4PX,EUB(Ecnomic Shipping Service)

Ecnomic shipping service will be provided sitewide for free.

Transportation time

Standard ( 7-10 business days )

Affected by Covid-19, there will be some delay on the delivery.

Returning Policy

Order Cancellation

Before the product is shipped or produced you could email to us cancel the order for you.

After order is cancelled you will get full refund during 24 hours.

We cannot cancel the order if the product is already shipped out,but you could email to us after the parcel delivered.Then we could nego the returning process.

Product Returns

Customers have the right to apply for a return within 14 days after delivery the product.

Conditions that could submit the returning request:

Your item must be unused and in the same condition that you received it. It must also be in the original packaging.

To complete your return, we require a receipt or proof of purchase.

We have a designated return address, please email our customer service at to make sure you send the package to the right address.

Return request handling time : 24-48 hours

Notice:You have to burden the returning or exchange shipping fee (except the product you received is damaged)

Order Refunds

Once your return is received and inspected, we will email to you that we will handle your order refunds, also notify you of the approval or rejection of your refund. If you are approved, then your refund will be processed, Money will back to your original method of payment during 24 hours.




1.How does a Dog Back Brace work?

A back brace helps to support and stabilize your dog’s spine and helps to alleviate the pressure in areas of injury. Wearing a back brace helps relieve back pain and provide the spinal support a dog needs in order to move comfortably. Back support will not replace medical care or prescribed crate rest, speak with your Veterinarian to determine if a back brace is the best option for your pet.


2.When should I consider using a Dog Back Brace?

If you want to provide the best care and comforts for your dog, you must analyze his/her behavior to understand possible physical expressions. If the back of your dog is the problem, he/she may need a back brace depending on the condition that presents. Your dog’s back may be bothering him/her if you recognize the following behavioral and physical signs:

Back pain


Arched back

Difficulty in urinate normally

Inability or difficulty to walk

Reluctance to play, run or jump


Neck stiffness

Constant crying when picked up


3.How to treat IVDD?

Always consult with your veterinarian to determine what is best. The most common methods include:

Bracing to keep the back stable and positioned correctly to ease the pain during activity

Treatment from prescription medication or other pain relief systems such as the EMbrace Relief System

Severe cases, surgery may be the best option

Heat therapy, such as a heating pad

Post surgery, physical therapy is needed to get the dog back to moving comfortably.


4.  Tips For Newcomers to I.V.D.D

No stairs. 

Limited jumping.

On walking, keep him away from bigger dogs and overly excited puppies.

Groom him at home.


5.What if my dog won’t move with it on?

Remember that it may take some time for your dog to adjust to wearing their new back brace. A dog may not know how to move when they first wear the brace and it’s very normal. To help them , we recommend giving them some time to get used to it. Start with wearing the brace for 20 minutes, followed by 15 minutes off. Make wearing the back brace a positive experience by rewarding them with treats . Increase the amount of time in the brace with each session, until your pet is completely get used to wearing it.


6.Can my dog go to the bathroom with the brace on?

Dog can still pee and poop while wearing the back brace. It should not interfere with your dog’s ability to do their business at all! For male dogs wearing the back support, please make sure it is tucked under the penis to allow him to go potty there is no more need to worry about it.


7.How does the buying process work?

It is very easy and convenient. You can use this website to buy our products from anywhere in the world at any time. Have a look at the products you are interested in, read the product description which explains the benefits of each product and how you have to measure your dog to find the right size, and then all you have left to do is put the products you want into your cart and check out! We will do the rest and send the product to you as fast as possible!


8.Which size do i need?

In the description of each product, you can find a sizing guide. Use a measuring tape to measure your dog and then you will know the right size.


9.Where are the products manufactured?



10.Are you qualified to produce such products which can be vital for a dog's health?

You can 100% rely on our knowledge and experience. We are only offering the best of products because we have your dog's health on our mind.


11.Should i talk to my veterinarian about the dog back brace?

Yes,of course.This is totally worked.


12.How do I care for the back support?

 Lay flat to let air dry. Machine washing not recommended and may affect the stability of the product. we recommend using a lint roller to remove the hair from the support.


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